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The Lady Entrepreneur Society is a resource hub and an online community of empowered women who are creating a life of their dreams businesses life they love.

We believe that every single one of us has a light within we need to let shine so we can live out our true purpose and feel fulfilled!

Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can be challenging. Which is why the Member's Club was created!

So we can support you every step of the way! 

Who Should Join the Lady Entrepreneur Society Member's Club?

If you are looking for systems and tools to grow your business while living a life you love — feeling connected, supported and inspired every day — then the Member's Club is for you!


"Terri Wade is a blessing to entrepreneurs like myself. Without her, I wouldn't know how to use social media to advertise and strengthen my brand and business. She had taught me how to gain more followers, use analytics, ads, and more!"



"Terri is so sweet, kind, and encouraging. We do weekly calls with each other and she holds me accountable to my goals. She has been super helpful in getting past my blocks. She is an amazing business coach."



"With Terri's coaching and support, I had my first sold out group program!! She also helped me in staying accountable in regards to my business goals. I HIGHLY recommend Terri as a business coach. Without her help, I wouldn’t have achieved the success I did."

Learn how to live happy and at peace as a female entrepreneur growing a successful business.  
Includes an Online Resource Hub, along with live Q&A, Goal setting and Trainings with Terri.

Have a community of sisters to hold you accountable to the steps you learn and know to move your business forward. Get inspired by members who are living their purpose and their most abundance life. 




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